Thursday, 2 August 2012

Men are idiots and women are clueless and together we repopulate the world! Scary!

Why am I single? Becaause I hate dating, I am rubbish at it. I hate one-on-one time with people Im not totally comfortable with. I would rather just spend time with people that Im garenteed to have a good time with rather than taking the chance of spending one-on-one time with someone new.

I have also built up some pretty tall walls and Im not someone who lets people in easily. If someone tries to kiss me I pull away. I know I give confusing signals and I have been told Im an emotional retard. Dating makes me self concious. Im normally fairly confiident but when it comes to dating I realise that I hate the way I look and every other girl seems to be a size eight super model with glossy hair and pouty lips. I realise Im 33 and I look 33...I hate this. I never meet men let alone potential boyfriends. I used to meet men so whats changed? Maybe its because I spend most of my time in gay clubs or maybe its because im fat. I know im far from perfect but I would like to think im funny, outgoing, compasionate and caring so is it because im fat? I guess I hope its true because its something I can fix. I need to reach my goal weight. I will look better which will make me feel better and that will translate in my body language. On the other hand I want to meet someone that will love me for the good, the bad - fat or skinny.

Nowadays everyone seems to meet people through internet dating sites. I hate internet dating but from time to time I give it ago. Internert dating is like ordering from a catalogue (something else I dislike). You like the way it looks and the discription makes the item look more attractive. When the item arrives you you realise the item looks nothing like it did in the catalogue. It works for some people but I want the natural spark that you get when you meet by coincidence. There is something romantic about a chance encounter. I also let silly things put me off, things like; lagauge short cuts, emotiocons and LOL's.

Should I let something as silly as an emoticon or a LOL put me off? I personally dont often LOL, if i find something funny I prefer a haha because most of the time Im laughing silently in my head and LSIMH wouldnt work the same as LOL. I do use it now and then and I dont mind people using the odd LOL but save it for when you are actually LAUGHING.OUT.LOUD! Excessive LOL'ingespecially a lololol is what I dislike. What you are actually saying is laugh-out-loud-out-loud-out-loud. Er, is ther an echo? I dont get it. What about LMAO? Your arse did not fall off. Liar! I dont mind a cheeky wink ;) infact I like a cheeky wink or smile :) but anything more than that? Leave.It.Alone.Boys!!

Plenty of fish? Should be called plenty of freaks! Yes there are plenty of fish in the sea but there are also lots of sharks and toxic waste. I find it amusing when "hotlad69" discribes his first date as a nice meal and a glass of wine? something about his username and dinner date doesnt add up! Im sure there are plenty of girls that are just as bad whoring themselves about for a free meal or drinks (I would never let someone paay for me on a first date). I moan about it yet I still log on.

But dont let me put you off. It does work for lots of people. Sign up today and let the dream begin :)