Monday, 25 May 2009

I ♥ Bankholiday's

Yet another busy week at work but had the whole bank holiday weekend off. Saturday I woke up in my grump bubble and spent most of the day alone. In the evening Jonny and I decided to give our vital organs a rest and stay alcohol free and we decided to reward ourselves with a holiday. Im off all week and Jonny is off from Thursday so we have 5 nights and 6 days of sun, sea and cocktails. We originally wanted to go to Ibiza for the opening party of Space but the staff travel wasnt available (annoying as our friend would put us on the guestlist). I really wanted to go to Greece but Jonny thought it would be a better option to go somewhere from Luton so other people could join us for a night or two. This is a really good point and we agreed on flights to Barcelona and a holiday in Sitges. This will be my fourth trip to sitges, I really love Sitges...always have, always will! Sitges is a small city about 35k from Barcelona and is known for its beautiful beaches, its nice weather and its night life—especially famous its gay life. I fall in love with the place more and more each time I go.
Sunday was meant to be spent at the gym (I joined DL gym as I want to get skinny) followed by outfit shopping for the "school disco" later that night. The day didnt exactly go to plan...
The weather was fantastic so we walked through the gym and headed to the outdoor pool. I did four lenghs then started on the corona... I walked out of the gym drunk! Jonny and I then headed to Dan and Maries for BBQ and football results. Marie got me on the Pimms then vodka and we spent a lovely afternoon in the sun. We left MK and remembered that I hadnt brought an outfit for the "School Disco" at Pink Punters. This resulted in Janice going back into her grump bubble. Id left it far to late to buy anything so I decided to go but not in Fancy dress. Andy, Adam, Harry and I got a hotel room at the campanile and headed to the club at 10. There was a really good turn out and most people dressed up. It took me a while to get into it due to the fact that I had sobered up from my day time drinking but once I got into I had a fantastic night and danced until 5am.
Today was meant to be spent at the carnival but quite frankly our hangovers were too severe! Jonny and Janice hit the gym and pool and even had a healthy salad for dinner... I want to get skinny!!
Mr Harries is over for the evening so tonight will be spent watching movies. I've put on Dead Mans Shoes (my favorite ever film).

Bankholiday weekend was also the last game of the season. Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Hull's Premier League relegation battle. Everyone loves Newcastle (except Mackems) and I am gutted for Newcastle, I really am but do I wish I could have seen my ex boyfriends face yesterday? YES! In an ideal world Sunderland would have gone down but its not an ideal world and every cloud has a silver lining! Jonny is a geordie (a real geordie not a plastic geordie like my ex) and I love geordies and I love newcastle, they were just one goal and one point away from survival... but it wasnt to be. I feel desperately sorry for everyone associated with Newcastle United and for thier loyal fans but do i feel sorry for my ex? Not a chance! Alex is a selfish, argrogant arsehole who is never wrong and can never accept responsibilty. Everything is always someone elses fault! He has a nasty and sometimes scary temeper which he thinks is normal. He says passionate, I say smashing up your lounge cos you cant find something makes you a complet fucking twat. Bank holiday 2008 he got blind drunk and litterally went for me for absolutly no reason. I finished the relationship but stupidly got back with him. He is an emotionally retarded c*** and I am so glad it is over. How awful would this bank holiday have been? Newcastle FC is his main passion and this will litterally be the worst thing that has ever happened to him... so yes, I do wish I could have seen his face! I can now move on knowing that he has had an awful weekend while I've been parting with the most amazing geordie in the world :) Bitter? Me? Yes I am, Im like a lemon with legs!

I think May is my favorite month. Why? Because it's in May that the switch is finally made from still-chilly April to absolutely gorgeous, warm, summery weather. There are two bankholidays and football gets interesting! But there is one thing that I hate about May - MAYBUGS! They are a cross between a beetle and cockroach. They fly and have long larma type eyelashes. They fly into the house! **Horrid** Janice HATES maybugs...always have, always will! I cant wait til June when they die!

Three sleeps to go until Sitges sessions 2009 :)

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Its A London Thing...

After Blackpool I had a pretty busy week at work. It started with an early-late-early which is never good! I felt so tired all week which resulted in minimal partying. Sunday was a last minuite fun one with the guys and gals of wenslydale and there was also a random night in the Cali which eneded up in a drinking session in number 10.
Thursday was day one off and we decided to do something cheap yet fun. Andy had some free train tickets (he is a geek and is top sales person at work FACT) so we decided to head to the big smoke for a cheap day out....

famous last words!

Cheap? Ha! Jonny and Janice thought it would be fun to book into the easy hotel and party in london for the night. We all know Janice is easily led and Jonny is the pied piper of leading Janice astray..FACT!
I headed to London with Andy V, Harry and Sarah and headed to Oxford Street for cheap pizza. We then met up with Joel and Michael and headed to Selfridges where we all split up for a while. I wanted big blue eyes so I headed to MAC for a makeover. I then went shopping in Topshop and thought it would be fun to buy a red wig and be someone different for the night. I then picked up a cute blue mini dress and BAM! Janice was someone different! We then met up and decided to hit Soho via Carnaby Street.
Jonny and I dropped off our bags and met the guys in SoHo. We started in The Village where we checked out the hot dancers and drank vodka red bull. The Village isnt the worst bar in Soho nor is it the best but it was fun place to start... actually, I dont normally like the village but I have now changed my mind. Joel and Micheal left at 11ish so the rest of us headed to G.A.Y L8 for cheap drinks and cheesy music (and more hot guys!). £1.60 a drink (love it) I love G.A.Y L8 always have, always will! The rest of the guys headed home at 1sh and Jonny and i met a random group and we eneded up heading to Heaven.
The guys we got chatting to where a random group including an American who was obsessed with Boeings and Airbus, some guy who looked like a cross between the Mika and Simon Amstell and a Scot who sounded more southern than me!. The Mika guy was from Newcastle (but had a posh accent) and knew people that Jonny and I knew in Newcastle and his sister goes to school with Jonnys sister..small world!
Thursdays in GAY@Heaven is Porn Idol. Westminster Council have clearly granted them a nudity licence and this is not a bad thing haha!
From what I can gather anyone can enter, they dance around a pole, get naked and get judged on how hot they are, thier ass and thier cock. There are three judges and there was a random dog on the stage.
After Porn idol we headed to the back room where we drank large vodkas and danced while watching Scream on tvs...very random! I dont know what time we left but I remeber wanting to go down to the river because the Embankment is one of my favorited palces in the whole world! there was nowhere to get food so Jonny and I decided to buy Salt and viniger peanuts and cheese and pickle snadwiches and head back to our Easy Hotel!
I rememeber walking in the hotel and thinking that it looked like the easyjet acadamy (the place where crew do thier training) and this freaked me out slightly! I felt like I was drunk at work...very sureal! Ive never stayed in an easy hotel and I guess it's fine so long as you're not a claustrophobic who hates orange. There was no window and the rooms are mega small...but its cheap and clean! i've stayed in worse (Formula one in Liverpool is officially the worst!).
The next day we woke up still thinking it was the night (no windows make it very dark). We checked out 2 hours late (standard for Jankinson) and we headed back to Luton.
The lovely Adam Usher then coloured and cut my hair and then I headed to Hemel to see Farrah and Joseph for takeaway and movies.
Today was spent with the family eating BBQ and playing the usual hide and seek/tiger games with the children. I really dont spend enough time with my family and love it when we all get together.
tonight has been mainly spent texting this random guy and watching Eurovision with Lauren, Andy and Harry. The gay community LOVE eurovision! EuroVision is the gayest song contest in the world!

I dont know why but Amanda Holden really bugs me! She always has and always will. I get the feeling that Amanda loves Amanda, more than everything else. Let's be honest, what was she first known for? Cheating on Les Dennis with Neil Morrissey - what an achievement! It's easy to see how she's managed to get the work she has got with all that talent...stupid fucking bint! Anway, the point of this rant is that she was flying First Class from LA to London with Virgin and my good friend Tim was working on that flight. The lovely Timmy knows about my irritational dislike for the woman so told her that I was her biggest fan in the whole world! She then wrote me a note on her first class menu..To Janice from Amanda Holden! He said she was lovely. Great!!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Blackpool Rocks!

Just back from an amazing day in Blackpool and I thought Id write a quick blog to remind me how much fun I had.
We went to Blackpool via Manchester (so I could get my make up done at MAC). We stayed in the Mardis Gras hotel in the middle of the gay scene...nice hotel but they wasnt very friendly when we were 20 mins late checking out - actually I would go as far as to say they are rude! We spent a very drunken night in the flying handbag, Pepes and the Mardi Gras club.
This morning we all woke up with severe hangovers.... and we decided to hit Pleasure Beach!
I actually love Pleasure beach and it was nothing like I expected. I imagined Pleasure beach in Great Yarmouth..old and shit(not that I have been to yarmouth in years)! But I was wrong...very wrong! Different people wanted to do different things but a small group of us stuck together for the day. Jonny, Adam, Ross, Lauren, Amy, Sarah and me (the wildcats lol). The wristband cost us £25 but it was the best £25 we ever spent! I dont think we stopped laughing all day. We didnt queue for anything. The Avalanche, The Pepsi Max Big One, Infusion, Irn Bru, the big dipper... we spent the day acting like excited children but thats healthy right??
We stayed untill the end then we went on the "Le Passage du Terror"

Le Passage du Terror

I have never been so scared in my whole life FACT! I have been told about this and kinda knew what to expect. I love scary movies and I normally like this kind of thing but I was actually really freaked out and made Jonny promise to not let go of my hand...he did which left Lauren and I to protect each other. The passage of terror is more of an experiance than a ride and there are "actors" that play certain people (freddie krugar, exorcist, CLOWNS). We are queing to go in and the man outside has already freaked us out... before we start we are ordered in and given a brief. The brief is this...stand with your backs to the wall and listen to my instructions...Touch nothing, do not run, and its up to you to get to the end... this is your worst nightmare! He then locks the door and then the nightmare begins! We walk down a corridor and someone comes out and tells us his master is sleeping and to pass through quietly, we walk through (you HAVE to walk through) and someone bumps into a curtain that flies open and there is Dracula...yes, we all scream! Then comes the clown. The clown jumps out and starts laughing crazily telling us to have fun and enjoy ourselves ENJOY! ARE YOU FUCKING MENTAL??? Next corner and we are in the bedroom from the Exorcist and the girl is on the bed writhing in restraints and the bed jumps around and she gets a hand free and grabs us and we run out.Then we are in a corridor with Pinhead from Hellraiser in front of us smiling and telling us to open the box- lights cut out for literally 2 seconds and come back on and he is RIGHT BEHIND US -yes WE screamed!!Actually, when i say behind us I mean behind Lauren and I! He was there, right there next to me...running and chasing me. I hated the clown! I hated Freddie, I hated jonny for letting go of my hand, I hated being at the back, I hated not knowing when it would end. I hated ross for laughing, I hated my havania's for breaking at a crucial moment...I have never in my life been that scared! Passage of terror is NOT for children! Its not for wildcats..its for headcases!! Did i mention that the passage of terror is dark and has lots of weird noises?? What about Freddie Krugar! Man, that was horrid! there was horrid strobe lighting and blood on the walls. We hear scratching and out jumps freddie... i dont mind admiting that I cried and begged him to stop and leave me alone... I ran! At this point Lauren and Amy both begged to be let out...I dont remember the correct order of events but I do remember someone chasing me with a chainsaw.. I remember pushing Adam and screamin for them to run... I pushed Adam over and broke my havania... It was truely terrifying! Lauren is still freaked out and I would be surprised if she had a nervous breakdown! Ross didnt go in but witnessed us all come through the door at the end...he said that it was a look of sheer terror! but funny! There was a mum who was trying to get her young kids to go in... we should have called social services there and then! The Passage of terror ISNT for kids (although kids are allowed in). Ross wouldnt go in and mocked us for being traumatised...untill I youtubed it and he actually screamed out loud...the video isnt even that scary!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Bi Polar: The full mental

I have been diagnosed as being BiPolar (affective mood disorder) the current name is of fairly recent origin and refers to the cycling between high and low episodes. It explains alot about my sleeping and my random mood swings. It also explains the racing thoughts that have haunted me most of my life. Racing thoughts are difficult to explain racing thoughts are not just “thinking fast.” They are thoughts that just won’t be quiet; they can be in the background of other thoughts or take over your consciousness; they can gallop around your head like a carousel gone out of control. Its a horrible thing and something i’ve never been been able to explain and now I have a reason for it. As a child I found it really scary (as an adult its still scary) and its worse when you can’t find the words to explain it! My racing thoughts always sound the same and have always sounded the same..loud music(not a particular song just loud music type noise), snatches of conversation, my own voice or other voices repeating a phrase or sentences again and again but never hearing the words, or even rhythms of pressure. It never happens when I’m with soemone or at work it happens mainly when i’m in bed or in my room alone. I’ll probally regret writing this and probally asking from trouble.

Am I on the charming side of neurotic and ditsy or am I mad??

Bipolar gets alot of bad press due to the likes of Kerry Kuntona but there have been alot of important people that have used thier bipoar to achieve good things. Im hoping that writing a blog will help. If I am down, writing and getting all of the mess out of my brain really helps me. Writing does have a stabilizing aspect to does for me :)

So far the bankholiday has been alot of fun. I finished work Friday night and headed to Flame for Andrews birthday (walkaboutkiwis video is actually hillarious). Saturday was spent in the big H with Farrah, Joseph and Gina. The day time was spent toy shopping with my nephew and the evening was spent having dinner and Gina painted our nails then we watched scary movies... watching scary movies with Farrah is actually hillarious! Sunday I went to MK for catch up, drinks and fajits's with Dan and Marie. We stated off by drinking vast amounts of Pimms thenm headed to the hub for cocktails in the Livingroom (the cocktails are amazing). We then headed to Lloyds and Oceana for bingedrinking, dancing and "straight clubbing". I had alot of fun and think I need to put in request to move groups at work....a move to group 6 seems to make sense. I dont get to see my brother as much as I should and I absolutly adore Marie (they are such a fantastic couple). Today I was going to London to purchase the Pucci dress of my dreams but I cant handle oxford street with a hangover thats this severe. Jonny has said that we can go to Blackpool via Manchester tomorrow so we can hit Selfridges for dress shopping and MAC Makeover (as long as I get up early). I want to get BIG BLUE eyes... so exciting! Im really looking forward to Blackpool tomorrow night! I have never actually been to Blackpool before and there is a really good crowd of people going!

Jonny has been living with me for the past month but he has now found a home of his own. He is leaving number 14 but he is only going as far as number 10 yipee! Im really looking forward to the summer :)