Wednesday, 29 April 2009

On The Edge Of Thirty

Over the past few months I have been through a tough debilitaing process but now i have my Mojo back!

It’s been tough but Im alot stronger for it. Women are programmed physically and mentally to respond to certain situations and certain choices that we make forces us to choose between logic and and instinct… its not a plesent experinance and made worse by certain individuals making it worse with thier cuntish behaviour! Not the most lady like language but trust me… there is no other way to describe his behaviour! What matters now is being relaxed and centred in myself. Im taking each situation as it comes and try and not find problems where there arent any… Life is good!

A few people have been comenting lately about my single status and how I should move out of my “gay comfort zone” but heres the thing…

I am open to meeting the man of my dreams/the one that will set my soul alight/“the one“/my soul mate but its NOT on my “to do” list. My life WONT be incomplete if I dont settle down. My relasionship status DOESN’T define me! I live for now and enjoy every second of every minuite of every day :) While my friends are paying thier mortgage, doing school runs, watching peppa pig and changing nappies I get to put on my killer heels, have my eyes done at MAC and wonder if I can pull off neon green eyeshadow at the tender age of 30! Is my life better than thiers… No, its just different. My point is this… I go on holiday once a month and party like im 20. I may not have babies, I may not have a house and I may not have found my better half but I am happy.... and there is alot to be said for that!

This year started of awful...beyond awful. But I decided early on that this would be the best year yet! You can’t help the hand you’ve been dealt in this life but its down to me how I play the game. There have been so many wonderful memories. Every spare minuite has been filled with nights out, random trip and holidays… I am truely blessed with fantastic friends and family! There have been numerious nights in Pinks (and nightstops in the campanile). Flame is still a firm favorite and there have been some fun times in the Cali. There was a random last minuite one night trip to Tenerife (my liver was one spangled pickled mess after that trip). We had a trip to Geordie land which was mint like (evening was spent in Switch and Powerhouse and the day time was spent sight seeing Bambrugh castle, seahouses, warkworth). There was a day trip to Brighton, Janice and Nick shopping outing in London, there have been various Orange Wednesday trips with group 5’s finest to the cinema and Nando’s, Boeing Boeing, Lots of random drunken MK nights, The Boston Clipper in Northampton for James’ bday(Joel will discribe this as; take the best bits of Flame and the Best bits of Pinks...he,he) There has even been random sunbathing (checking out hot men) sessions Luton. There have been lots of leaving do’s and bday nights out… including MY 30th! My party was held at flame and the theme was ME!! People had to dress as me or as something that remionded them of me. I turned 30 on a Dortmund nightstop with fantastic crew who made my bday fantastic :)
oooohhh… One more thing! I can’t wait for the 1st of May!

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