Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A New Year Like This Comes Once In A Blue Moon

Its been a while since I updated. Life has been busy but Ive not really been in the mood to write and the longer I leave it harder it is to know where to start;

Who says blondes have more fun? Ive crossed over to the dark side and so far so good. I needed a change and im feeling better for it. I absolutly love it!!

This years work party was held in Milton Keynes. Lots of binge drinking, bitching and snow. Went to Mac but wasnt overly impressed with the make up..she was good but she is no where near as good as Gemma - she played it safe with the basic smokey eye - I wanted dramatic but it wasnt to be.

The week leading up to Christmas was manic. lots of snow and random weather. I started my week in Luton, then went to East Mids and eneded the week in Newcastle. I broke down in tears twice and seriously considered getting a new job. I absolutly love my job but it is fatiging and really fucks with your emotions. Anyways..I finished Christmas eve and had 12 days off to celebrate Chrismukkah, New Year and Andy Vernons birthday...good times!

Christmas day morning was spent with the clampits (my family) and then I taxi'd back to the ghetto and had dinner with the naughty kids.
Im not normally the biggest fan of Christmas but this year I have felt more christmassy than santa eating a selection box and watching Home Alone. Dortmund Christmas markets and Euro disney really put me in the christmas spirit! On christmas day the taxi man even stopped at the shop and spent the fare I gave him on chocolates for me...how lovely is that?! Andy cooked an AMAZING dinner and Andrew made a fanastic buffet in the evening. There was aloy of alcohol consumed, alot of our friends came over and the night was finished with games and karaoke.

I then spent a few days in Hemel babysitting my nephew Joseph. This is without a doubt one of my favorite thhings. Joseph makes me laugh every single day. looking after Joe is always a pleasure - never a chore. We watched movies, played with cars, went to the cinema, went bowling and even had my niece Tia over for a sleepover with movies and midnight feast.

NYE came around so quickly! NYE is also Andy Vernons bday. I spent the day in London having my MAC make up done (standard) then we headed to MK for pre drinks at Joels then onto Pinks for binge drinking, high camp disco and club classics. With a New Year's Eve blue moon, 2009 went out with an lunar bang. Fantastic end to a fantastic year with some Fantastic friends. Messy, messy night but alot of fun! NY day was spent in recovery at Joels and the Harvester (yes the harvester... its Jon Tibbenhams favorite place to eat so thats why we went. Also - there is a free salad bar, result). I dont mind admitting that my hangover was severe, infact Janice and Dan Codesel actually went to the Harvester in our PJ's....no shame in that?!

I decided to spend January alcohol free but I well and truely fell off the January wagoon January the 4th. I brought Andy theatre tickets for his bday (Avenue Q). We had a few cheeky theatre drinks then headed to soHo to meet Andrew, Harry, Julie (Andrews mate from Liverpool), Dan Codesel and the lovely Liam. I was led doen the jagaar bomb road quite early on...the rest is a blur.

It has officially been the coldest winter that I have ever known. Im back at work and I really have the January blues. I really need something to change but I dont know what. I feel like I need some direction - I feel "rootless". I think its time to grow up.... A serious and responsible mood has swept over me! My friends are hoping that it wont last long! Ive spent the last week writing my "bucket list" the "101 things that I want to do before I kick the bucket". I havent completed it yet but so far so good.

1. Write a best selling book (I figure number one you should aim high)
2. Fall madly, helplessly, uncondionally in love.
3. Complete the Camino de Santiago
4. See the northern lights (aurora borealis)
5. Be a mother (this shocked me when I realised that maybe... I deep down kinda one day want this)
6. Get married to my soul mate (again...this shocked me that maybe I want this)
7. Live in my dream house
8. Go to Bora Bora
9. Re visit NZ
10. Re visit Singapore
11. Blow a months wages on a dress
12 Get "re married" to my soul mate somewhere crazy
13 Spend Christmas in Lapland
14 Road trip - route 66
15 Contact my childhood "boyfriend" (ive always randomly thought about him)
16 Drink beer at Oktoberfest, Munich!
17 Spend Christmas day on a beach with the man I love drinking cocktails/beer.
18 Fly first class
19 Achieve my ideal weight
20 Make a diffrence in someones life
21 Fly in a helicopter
22 Gamble in Vegas
23 Visit Madjugorje (this place facinates me)
24 Get a tattoo
25 ********* something that i need to do but cant write!
26 Learn to drive!!!!!!
27 get new teeth
28 Get new boobs
29 Go to Vietnam
30 Go to Laos
31 Go to Hawaii
32 Go to Jamaica
33 Go to iceland and visit the blue lagoon
34 Spend the night in a haunted house
35 Write a magazine column
36 Take pole dancing lessons
37 Throw a dart in a map and travel where ever it lands!
38 Look into my future childs eyes...see myself and smile :)
39 Forgive my ex
40 Forgive my dad
41 Go zorbing
42 Have a MAC make up lesson
43 Be content with myself
44 Visit the holyland
45 Go to disney world as an adult
46 Bake a cake
47 Volunteer
48 Ride the 5 worlds biggest rollercoasters (I love rollercoasters!!)
49 Experiance OBE - astral travel
50 Be a millionaire!!
51 Visit Lourdes
52 Get a diploma in counselling
53 Visit the lake district
54 Write the story of my life
55 Organise a picnic / sports day for my friends family
56 Live or have a second home near the sea

thinking of 101 things is tougher than you might think!

Basically.. I date it and once I achieve each thing.. I highlight it. I think ticking off each goal will be empowering. Obviously there are things on the list that might not happen. I might not meet my soul mate which means I may not end up having children, the list is what I want in an ideal world.

Everyone deep down hopes that they meet thier "soul mate" but I dont hold on to the romantic notion that I need a man to make me happy, I honestly believe that if you think you NEED a man to make you happy...you will never really be happy.

Im still half heartledly on plenty of fish but Im bored of it. Internet dating is such an artificial process... its not for me! I have met some great people on there that have become great mates. I originally met the Jew on there after splitting up with Liam years and years ago. The Jew is one of my best mates.... he is the guy that I said met a girl, fell in love an d simply disapeared for a while. The Jew is back!! Hurruh!! I randomly went on MSN and there he was. It was very odd chatting to him....the worst thing is having a friend that you deeply care about. They disappear. You then randomly chat and you then feel like strangers. He was one of my closests mates (even though we had a weird friendship) and there I was chatting to him like he was a random acquaintance, it wasnt the nicest feeling. I have chatted to him a few times since and Im sure normal service will be resummed and he will soon be sorting out my life again!

Not to sure how long the "Good girl Trustram" mood will last cos when Im good Im very good but when im bad Im better :)


  1. gwan sisteR!
    lOVE YOUR LIST, im up for all of those things too!
    fellow fag hag
    princess amy xx