Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sometimes Things Will Fall Apart In Order For Other Things To Fall Into Place.

I'm the kind of person that likes to stay up late, doesn't like to go to sleep, but hates getting up & likes to spend the doing nothing.

Apparently I have "Delayed sleep phase syndrome". DSPS.
Basically this means that I have a different body clock that is out of sync with everyone else’s. There is no known cause of DSPS. It is a disorder of the body's timing system. I have difficulty falling asleep and difficulty waking up. Ive always had this but never know why or what it is. Originally it was diagnosed as insomnia ands was given sleeping tablets. Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome is similar to insomnia in so far as it is not allowing me to sleep at night even if I feel fatigued and ready for sleep. However, unlike insomnia, DSPS will often result in falling asleep later than planned, but at roughly the same time at night (for me its 4 or 5)Therefore, I'm likely to sleep at 5AM even if I go to bed at 11PM or 1PM. Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome is a disorder that does exactly what it says on the tin…it delays your sleep. Its really frustrating and difficult for people to understand. Ive suffered with this for years but now I have a name for it I hope that I will be able to cure it!

In my last blog I wrote about being "grown up" but Ive realised that the world is full of people that think that being sensible means that you have to be restrained, authoritative, responsible, cautious and disciplined...This is complete bullshit! Life is for living and when I'm old and on my rocking chair looking back at my life...what will count? Will it really matter how grown up Ive been or will the fun and memories matter more?

Belfast was alot of fun! Michael booked tickets for Pam Ann at the Grand Opera house. Pam Ann is a comedienne who basically appeals to two groups of people; Cabin crew and gay men. The show is a mix of bitchy one-liners,observations and cheeky banter and is centred on the creation of a spoof air hostess Pam Ann and we are the passengers on her flight. She slates everyone and no airline is safe! Easyjet are an easy target but observations are so accurate! I loved the jokes about speedy boarding! She knows her stuff!! There was not a hint of political correctness anywhere on board this flight and this high camp humour is definitely not for kids (or the easily offended). Admittedly her material has travelled around the world more than a couple of times in the past few years but it still works... No matter how many times you hear the "Hot steaming Coffee" and "touch the galley" jokes. She is sometimes a one trick pony but I bloody love her!

After the show (which went on at least an extra half hour) we headed to a couple of bars then on to Rain. Rain on a Monday is a gay friendly night called "rainbow". We spent most of the night upstairs dancing! I thought it was a fantastic club, with fantastic people and great music! It closed at 3 which is reasonable for a Monday and then we headed to back to our lush apartments on Lisbon Road. We decided to make a few days of it and we booked the apartments for 2 nights... Belfast is an amazing city although Tuesday nights are very much catered for students. Tuesday day time everyone was suffering after over indulging the night before. We decided to head to the Apartment (lovely cocktail bar in the city) for lunch. We had cocktails and food and discussed Sex and the city, Men and various other girlie subjects. I then went for my second MAC appointment of the trip before heading home to get ready for Tuesday sessions.

For the second night a few people dropped out last minute so we had no option but to keep on one apartment. This meant we had 6 instead of 4...annoying but we made the most of it and had alot of fun. We had a few cheeky getting ready drinks and one way of describing our night would be; we went to three bars and a club and got in early hours but yet another way of describing the night would be that we only made it into one of the bars and didn't even get a drink in the club. We spent more money on taxi's and every door man said "Its a really young crowd and I'm not sure its what your looking for" We couldn't have felt any older but we did laugh and try to make the most of it. I have never felt old before on a night out but I can honestly say that I will never attend another Tuesday Belfast Student night!

Back at work tomorrow and I'm in East Mids for a couple of days. I havent worked out of east mids before but Ive heard its a nice base and very friendly. The hotel looks nice which means swim/sauna then room service. I have my recurrent exams soon so I will probably get an early night and try to study! I hate my exams.. they make me feel physically sick!

This year has gone so quickly. It's going be Christmas soon! How scary is that?! 2009 has been a fantastic year and I have done so many fun things. Ive read back on my previous posts and its made me appreciate how much fun I've actually had. Hyde parks winter wonderland is being set up which means Christmas is definitely on its way! I'm not the biggest Fan of Christmas day but I love the build up. I can't wait to wrap up warm, go Christmas shopping, visit some European Christmas Markets, drink hot wine and go ice skating! I was hoping to spend Christmas in Singapore or Thailand but due to an expensive dentist trip I think that is well and truly out of the window. I'm hoping for a Dortmund trip over the Christmas period as I love the Christmas markets. Last year I went to Prague and the previous year Budapest... European Christmas markets really do give you a festive feeling! If you have never been to one I really do recommend it...and if you can't get to a European city head to Hyde park for the Christmas wonderland!! I literally cant wait for the Christmas Wonderland!

My house mate has gone home to Norfolk for a few days and had a car accident on the way home. He sounds OK (shaken up but OK) but his car (Linda) sounds like a write off. I am just so pleased that he is OK! It sucks that his car is a mess but you can replace a car... You could never replace Harry!
I have a real fear of car accidents and my heart sank when Andrew read me the message.... It could have been so much worse, infaact he sounds very lucky to have come out of it ok! I'm just so glad Harry is safe and well!

This time last year I split up with my ex. I can't believe its been a year! It seems like a million years ago. Sometimes things will fall apart in order for other things to fall into place!


  1. Thanks for the info on DSPS. Now I understand more about Unai's sleeping habits. I won't be so harsh with him next time he wakes up at midday and I''ve already listed in my head all the many things he could have done in the morning. I'll be more understanding from now on :D