Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Blackpool Rocks!

Just back from an amazing day in Blackpool and I thought Id write a quick blog to remind me how much fun I had.
We went to Blackpool via Manchester (so I could get my make up done at MAC). We stayed in the Mardis Gras hotel in the middle of the gay scene...nice hotel but they wasnt very friendly when we were 20 mins late checking out - actually I would go as far as to say they are rude! We spent a very drunken night in the flying handbag, Pepes and the Mardi Gras club.
This morning we all woke up with severe hangovers.... and we decided to hit Pleasure Beach!
I actually love Pleasure beach and it was nothing like I expected. I imagined Pleasure beach in Great Yarmouth..old and shit(not that I have been to yarmouth in years)! But I was wrong...very wrong! Different people wanted to do different things but a small group of us stuck together for the day. Jonny, Adam, Ross, Lauren, Amy, Sarah and me (the wildcats lol). The wristband cost us £25 but it was the best £25 we ever spent! I dont think we stopped laughing all day. We didnt queue for anything. The Avalanche, The Pepsi Max Big One, Infusion, Irn Bru, the big dipper... we spent the day acting like excited children but thats healthy right??
We stayed untill the end then we went on the "Le Passage du Terror"

Le Passage du Terror

I have never been so scared in my whole life FACT! I have been told about this and kinda knew what to expect. I love scary movies and I normally like this kind of thing but I was actually really freaked out and made Jonny promise to not let go of my hand...he did which left Lauren and I to protect each other. The passage of terror is more of an experiance than a ride and there are "actors" that play certain people (freddie krugar, exorcist, CLOWNS). We are queing to go in and the man outside has already freaked us out... before we start we are ordered in and given a brief. The brief is this...stand with your backs to the wall and listen to my instructions...Touch nothing, do not run, and its up to you to get to the end... this is your worst nightmare! He then locks the door and then the nightmare begins! We walk down a corridor and someone comes out and tells us his master is sleeping and to pass through quietly, we walk through (you HAVE to walk through) and someone bumps into a curtain that flies open and there is Dracula...yes, we all scream! Then comes the clown. The clown jumps out and starts laughing crazily telling us to have fun and enjoy ourselves ENJOY! ARE YOU FUCKING MENTAL??? Next corner and we are in the bedroom from the Exorcist and the girl is on the bed writhing in restraints and the bed jumps around and she gets a hand free and grabs us and we run out.Then we are in a corridor with Pinhead from Hellraiser in front of us smiling and telling us to open the box- lights cut out for literally 2 seconds and come back on and he is RIGHT BEHIND US -yes WE screamed!!Actually, when i say behind us I mean behind Lauren and I! He was there, right there next to me...running and chasing me. I hated the clown! I hated Freddie, I hated jonny for letting go of my hand, I hated being at the back, I hated not knowing when it would end. I hated ross for laughing, I hated my havania's for breaking at a crucial moment...I have never in my life been that scared! Passage of terror is NOT for children! Its not for wildcats..its for headcases!! Did i mention that the passage of terror is dark and has lots of weird noises?? What about Freddie Krugar! Man, that was horrid! there was horrid strobe lighting and blood on the walls. We hear scratching and out jumps freddie... i dont mind admiting that I cried and begged him to stop and leave me alone... I ran! At this point Lauren and Amy both begged to be let out...I dont remember the correct order of events but I do remember someone chasing me with a chainsaw.. I remember pushing Adam and screamin for them to run... I pushed Adam over and broke my havania... It was truely terrifying! Lauren is still freaked out and I would be surprised if she had a nervous breakdown! Ross didnt go in but witnessed us all come through the door at the end...he said that it was a look of sheer terror! but funny! There was a mum who was trying to get her young kids to go in... we should have called social services there and then! The Passage of terror ISNT for kids (although kids are allowed in). Ross wouldnt go in and mocked us for being traumatised...untill I youtubed it and he actually screamed out loud...the video isnt even that scary!

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