Monday, 25 May 2009

I ♥ Bankholiday's

Yet another busy week at work but had the whole bank holiday weekend off. Saturday I woke up in my grump bubble and spent most of the day alone. In the evening Jonny and I decided to give our vital organs a rest and stay alcohol free and we decided to reward ourselves with a holiday. Im off all week and Jonny is off from Thursday so we have 5 nights and 6 days of sun, sea and cocktails. We originally wanted to go to Ibiza for the opening party of Space but the staff travel wasnt available (annoying as our friend would put us on the guestlist). I really wanted to go to Greece but Jonny thought it would be a better option to go somewhere from Luton so other people could join us for a night or two. This is a really good point and we agreed on flights to Barcelona and a holiday in Sitges. This will be my fourth trip to sitges, I really love Sitges...always have, always will! Sitges is a small city about 35k from Barcelona and is known for its beautiful beaches, its nice weather and its night life—especially famous its gay life. I fall in love with the place more and more each time I go.
Sunday was meant to be spent at the gym (I joined DL gym as I want to get skinny) followed by outfit shopping for the "school disco" later that night. The day didnt exactly go to plan...
The weather was fantastic so we walked through the gym and headed to the outdoor pool. I did four lenghs then started on the corona... I walked out of the gym drunk! Jonny and I then headed to Dan and Maries for BBQ and football results. Marie got me on the Pimms then vodka and we spent a lovely afternoon in the sun. We left MK and remembered that I hadnt brought an outfit for the "School Disco" at Pink Punters. This resulted in Janice going back into her grump bubble. Id left it far to late to buy anything so I decided to go but not in Fancy dress. Andy, Adam, Harry and I got a hotel room at the campanile and headed to the club at 10. There was a really good turn out and most people dressed up. It took me a while to get into it due to the fact that I had sobered up from my day time drinking but once I got into I had a fantastic night and danced until 5am.
Today was meant to be spent at the carnival but quite frankly our hangovers were too severe! Jonny and Janice hit the gym and pool and even had a healthy salad for dinner... I want to get skinny!!
Mr Harries is over for the evening so tonight will be spent watching movies. I've put on Dead Mans Shoes (my favorite ever film).

Bankholiday weekend was also the last game of the season. Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Hull's Premier League relegation battle. Everyone loves Newcastle (except Mackems) and I am gutted for Newcastle, I really am but do I wish I could have seen my ex boyfriends face yesterday? YES! In an ideal world Sunderland would have gone down but its not an ideal world and every cloud has a silver lining! Jonny is a geordie (a real geordie not a plastic geordie like my ex) and I love geordies and I love newcastle, they were just one goal and one point away from survival... but it wasnt to be. I feel desperately sorry for everyone associated with Newcastle United and for thier loyal fans but do i feel sorry for my ex? Not a chance! Alex is a selfish, argrogant arsehole who is never wrong and can never accept responsibilty. Everything is always someone elses fault! He has a nasty and sometimes scary temeper which he thinks is normal. He says passionate, I say smashing up your lounge cos you cant find something makes you a complet fucking twat. Bank holiday 2008 he got blind drunk and litterally went for me for absolutly no reason. I finished the relationship but stupidly got back with him. He is an emotionally retarded c*** and I am so glad it is over. How awful would this bank holiday have been? Newcastle FC is his main passion and this will litterally be the worst thing that has ever happened to him... so yes, I do wish I could have seen his face! I can now move on knowing that he has had an awful weekend while I've been parting with the most amazing geordie in the world :) Bitter? Me? Yes I am, Im like a lemon with legs!

I think May is my favorite month. Why? Because it's in May that the switch is finally made from still-chilly April to absolutely gorgeous, warm, summery weather. There are two bankholidays and football gets interesting! But there is one thing that I hate about May - MAYBUGS! They are a cross between a beetle and cockroach. They fly and have long larma type eyelashes. They fly into the house! **Horrid** Janice HATES maybugs...always have, always will! I cant wait til June when they die!

Three sleeps to go until Sitges sessions 2009 :)

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