Tuesday, 2 June 2009

We Love Sitges

Sitges is a small city about 35k from Barcelona and is known for its beautiful beaches, its nice weather and its night life—especially famous its gay life. This was my fourth trip in four years and I fall in love with the place more and more each time I go. This year I went out with Jonny and Lauren came out a couple of days later. We stayed for 5 nights and during that time we met some of the most amazing people that I have ever met. There is nowhere else anything like Sitges. Sitges is an amazing place, a place where everyone is made welcome, whatever their age, race or sexual orientation. Families love it, the gay community love it, everyone loves it because everyone gets along with everyone else, and Sitges has something for everyone.

I love going to gay clubs, always have, always will and Sitges is perfect for me! It has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and is one of the most beautiful towns with it's many narrow, very typically Spanish streets and a nightlife that compares with a town 10 times it's size. This holiday had everything and I have made some beautiful, facinating amazing friends. I have finally accepted that I am indeed a "fag hag" and that being a Fag Hag is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a way of life. When I first was labeled "Fag Hag" I hated it. But it is nothing to be ashamed of. I am proud to be a Fag Hag! I dont have a deep and retarded desire to fuck fags nor do I seek out gay men. I dont hate women and I am not bitter when it comes to straight men... I just have alot of gay friends and love the gay scene. Im just a girl who loves-men-who-love-men. I didnt set out to become a fag hag...it just kinda happened. There are so many reasons that gay men are the best people to surround yourself with. They will give you fashion advice, they are generally witty, he won't get drunk and attempt to molest you (its really tough to have a platonic straight friend!) Gay men are a beacon for hot buff men. Sitges gay beach is full of well-maintained torsos FACT! I am an indie girl at heart but when I go out I want to dance to disco and have fun with my friends! Is that so wrong?

On my holiday I met the most amazing and random selection of people including; Matthew and Gareth the actors, Andrew who works on the High School Musical production team, Sebastian (Seb) who is currently working in Bar Seven but has been travelling through europe. His friends Rob, Lol (from cornwall) and Adam (NZ) who he met in Amsterdam. There was Nick and Lois who worked in Harrods. There was Robbie from Sussex. The lovely canadian boys JP, Xhavier, Patrick (Paddy) and the lovely girl from Kansas - Kaci! There were the Dutch guys that I met 4 years ago and the guys from the house on commons...everyone I met was amazing!

Bar 7 was definitly the bar of the holiday. Most nights we started of in the centre at Parrots bar for cocktails and vodka redbull before meeting up with everyone in Bar 7. Seb is working in bar 7 and it has the most friendly bar staff in the whole of Sitges. They give everyone a warm welcome and make everyone feel at home! It gets busier than where else and its shame that the party has to stop at 3am! Clubbing in Sitges doesnt kick off til 3 and you basically have the choice of Trailer or Organics (We wasnt there for the weekly beach party). We had free passes for the clubs but the drinks are pretty expensive. If Im honest neither club set my soul alight but I like to party and 3am is far to ealy to head home so Trailer and Organic it is - This year I had my better nights in Trailer! The beauty of Sitges clubs is Whatever u want..its sitges..flipflops or high heels...No bare foot dancing for Janice! Marc Jacobs dress teamed with Haviana's - Cos I can!

I got pretty sunburnt on day one of my holiday - Factor 4 - School boy error and man was I in pain! Sunburn on my face, sholders, back, legs, arms...so not a good look and resulted in Janice having to spend the rest of her holiday in dresses and factor 40! Day 3 of the holiday was possibly the best and most memorable. I was in a bad way with my sun burn so didnt head to the beach till aftternoon. Lauren had just arrived and everyone was in a ggod mood. There was alot of beer consumed and everyone was generally laughing and having fun on the gay beach. The first thing I saw was someone shouting "FLINCHER" and Jonny and Lol running into the sea and splashing the poor unsuspecting queens standing thigh deep in the sea! This went on most of the afternoon and each person that got attacked resulted in huge round of applause from the rest of the beach....priceless and hillarious! There was the human prymaid and alot of beer drunk! A few of the people were staying in Barcelona so invited everyone back to ours to get showered before heading out! We went for a terrible dinner (Sports Bar is not recommended!). Then we went back to the beach for beers. We were sat on the stairs and looked as if we was waiting for a show to start... we decided it would be a good idea to put on our talent show...Sitges has Talent! Each person had to get up and show off there special talent. Come 1 o'clock we headed to bar 7 to meet the lovely Seb then headed to Organic! I think we left Organic about 5ish and decided to head to the beach to get naked and go skinny dipping... This seemed like a great idea but the sea was pretty cold at 5am and would have been a better idea at 6am when the sun came up. We stayed in for 5 or 10 mins but changed our minds pretty quickly. We then went back to our hotel room for beer and drunken chatting. The hotel staff got pretty pissed off with us and kept knocking asking how many people we had in the room... we had 8 or 9 but quite frankly that wasnt the point! When Matthew left the guy followed him down the street and started argueing with him... he also had a go at Jonny. You could call this guy a jobsworth but I would probally discribe him as a Cunt! - The next day we moved to the hotel next door.

Im now home, I have a couple of chapters left of my holiday book and Im back to work at 6am. I have major holiday comedown and havent spoken to anyone today. I really didnt want this holiday to end. Im glad we spent the money to go away. I will spend my money one way or another and quite frankly memories are priceless! I have met some amazing people and yet again I have had another amazing Sitges experiance.

Today was also the birth of one of my best friends second child. Joe Samuel Gately! I have got to get over to Hemel to meet baby Joe and I also got to get over to see my neice and nephews. If I mamage to get that done this week I will go on holiday next days off. This month is all about spending every last penny I have on holidays.....


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