Sunday, 21 June 2009

Garden Party at the Tebworth Piory

After Fridays "drink the bar dry" 7th bday at Flame everyone was feeling a little bit tender but we had all accepted the invitation to Pauls birthday party (Paul is Sam Hannahs husband). Sam and Paul live in Tebworth and have posssibly the most stunning house and garden that you will ever see. Thier house has amazing character and thier garden has a hot tub and outside bar. They had live music and employed staff to work the bar. We all brought a bottle to replenish the bar and they made up various cocktails and punch. There house is known as the Tebworth Priory due to its calming effects.

The plan was to stay for a couple of hours before heading to the cimema as no-one could handle another night of drinking.... this was a good idea in theory but everyone got carried away with coctail hour.

Sam and Paul never got a chance to have thier "first dance" at thier wedding due to the fact that Sam was really ill on her wedding night so it was a great opportunity to get Sam in her wedding dress and finally have the first dance... it was a beautiful moment and thier were alot of tears - Sam looked absolutly stunning!

I got woken up with a text from Andy saying that he had cooked breakfast for us so I headed to number 10 for a full english to help with this weekends hangover. It doesnt help that I have a horrid cold that I cant seem to kick. I was meant to be heading to Nice today but it has been postponded til tomorrow (5 hours time). Im not even a little bit tired and worried that im going to oversleep so I might stay up and sleep on the beach.

I have nightstopped in nice but not spent anytime there. Accomodation has proved alot more expensive than I thought it would be and tyipcal Janice has left it to the last min to organise. I have just booked a hostel (because I cant afford a hotel) but it looks fine.

Its cheap and great location. The Promenade des Anglais and the sea are 80 meters away. I just need a couple of days to relax, read and get some sun.

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