Thursday, 11 June 2009

Kids and the City

After my trip to sitges I was on a serious holiday comedown. The last thing I wanted to do was go back to work. Summer is officially here and I had a really long and busy week at work. Minimum rest, a trip to Gatwick and lots of 4 sector days. On the plus side I should get a good wage for August and I ran out of hours by day 6 so I got an extra day off...result!
I did manage a night out last Sunday and headed to Flame and Kink and had a good catch up with the boys and girls. I felt like I hadnt seen anyone for ages so it was good to let my hair down for the night. I was going to head to europe for my days off but due to major roster disrubtion and a trip to the sofitel Gatwick I didnt get to see my nephew and niece to give them thier bday presents... I had some making up to do!

I spent my days off in Hemel at Farrahs and Thursday we took the kids to London for the day.

We decided to go to the London Aquarium. I became childlishly excited by the huge rays, sharks and turtles...and nemo! Joseph LOVES nemo, Janice LOVES nemo and Tia LOVES nemo! After a long, long search, I finally found him: NEMO!!!!! And Dory too!!! The trip was a sucsess WE FOUND NEMO! It appears that Nemo has been getting jiggy with a lady clown fish because there were ALOT of baby clownfish.

We then decided to double hit the London attractions and go on the London Eye. Ive been on the eye before but it was good for the kids. They were immediatly attracted to the huge ferris wheel and its one of those things that you have to do in London..Paris has the Eiffel Tower - we have the London eye. The views are amazing and I didnt realise Farrah had never been on. The London eye with kids is not the easiest thing in the world. Pros - Secure and free buggy storage Cons - Can't leave changing bag with buggy – must take all bags (lots of bags + two 3 year olds was not the easiest). It was also mega hot. Not just a little bit hot.. I actually thought I was going to pass out! Once off the Millenium wheel we walked along the southbank to Udderbelly. We sat in the alfresco bar next to the London Eye with giant jenga and connect 4. There where space hoppers and BigChill style music on an astroturfed pasture next to the Udderbelly arts venue in the shape of an upside down purple cow...random but nice. The sun was shinning and the Sol and lime tasted good! We then walked over the bridge, through Charing cross station and up to Picadilly. I promised the kids ice cream so we headed to the all new Planet Hollywood in Haymarket for Burgers and Ice cream sundaes. Farrah and I then went to HMV to buy a scary movie to watch that evening then taxi back to Euston to get the train home. The next day was mainly spent on the trampoline with Joseph before heading back to the ghetto. On the way home I recieved a text saying that everyone was in the beer garden... Janice, Lee, Alex, Jez, Sarah, Harry, Andrew, Andy, Michael and of me, 9 of them - I make that pimms o clock! It was the best way to end days off before getting up this morning for the early Palma.

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