Saturday, 20 June 2009

My Gay World

I finished my week on Thursday and went to Steve Monohans with the lovely Sarah Ford for catch up and vodka. This resulted in me getting home late and drinking and chatting with Mr Vernon til 5am... my hangover on Friday was severe! I didnt think I would make it out Friday but I promised all my friends that we would have a big night out. It was actually one of the wotrst hangovers EVER! It caught me by surprise because it wasn't the drunkest I've ever been but it was one of the only time I've thrown up due to a hangover. My hangovers are getting worde as I get older!

I am a straight female that lives in a very gay world. I love the clubs because they are so vibrant and so fun. My local club is Flame and this weekend is Flames 7th birthday! I've been going to Flame for a few years and the staff, management and locals have become good friends of mine.
Its my weekend off and easyjets finest decided to head to Flame for £20 drink the bar dry.
We had pre drinks at mine then headed to Flame at 11. You pay £20 for a VIP Wristband and receive Free Drinks between 9pm and 3:30am. There was a great crowd of people out and everyone had a fantastic time!

Flame was originaly opened in June 2002 and has now moved to a new larger venue. Its definitly my local and my favorite place to dance in Luton. The management and staff treat me well and always make me feel welcome.

To be honest my taste in music is totally diffrent to what I dance to in Flame. Flame is reliably cheesy and thats exactly what I want on a night out. Camp pop is something i'd be to embarassed to play in my bedroom (even with noone else there) but in a gay club it fits in and you can just let go and fool around..I love that!

Summer is definitly here and we have all been working hard so it was nice to have so many of my friends out. I had a few cheeky vodkas, let my hair down and danced till I couldnt dance anymore! Man, did my feet hurt by the end of the night! I left Flame at 4ish and headed back to Wenslydale and sat up with Jonny, Harry and Andy til 6ish smoking and talking random drunken rubbish.

I wouldnt say that I felt amazing this morning but it wasnt the worst I've ever felt...maybe yesterdays hangover was a one off and Im not old afterall!

Another day and another hangover...

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  1. Who is the guy in the Kiss tshirt? Fit!